Michalis Marakomichelakis was born in Timbaki of Heraklion Crete in 1972. From the age of 10 years old he was occupied with music, now that he had his first incentives from his grandpas who were well known local artists. Firstly he worked on lyre and afterwards on guitar. He finished high and middle school in Timbaki and after his soldiering he moved out to Heraklion where he started lessons at the Greek Musical Academy and got the Musical Academy's certificate that offered him the capability of teaching at the private or public education.

Parallely he acted lessons on Byzantine music, speech training and piano. From the age of 16 he got down to music professionally and specifically the Cretan music as a guitarist or bass drum player, taking part in many discographic works of different artists. He has cooperated with many artists of the Cretan music such as Skordalo, Klado, Sifogiorgaki, Rodamantho, Skeuaki, Mich. Alefantino and others. He has participated in different manifestations in Greece and abroad and of course he appears in the manifestations of the Pancretan Association of Cretan Music's Artists.