He was born in Saint Mama of Mylopotamos, in Rethymno. An area that according to an ancient tradition "gets" the most popular lyrists of Crete. His father Manolis Alefantinos was an ancient lyrist and one of the most important instrument makers in the field of traditional music instruments and especially of Cretan lyre. So it was absolutely normal for Michalis to work on music. From an early age he was occupied with lyre in spite of his father's reactions that wanted him to be "literate".

Michalis, despite the fact he was a high scholar, used to work on lyre and song. In 1978 he wrote his first disc with the title "PROTO VIMA". From his first disc distinguishes the exceptional expression in song, the rare creativity in composition and the masterly deftness in lyre. In 1982 he continued his discographic career with the disc "TS' AGAPIS TO MAXOULI". In 1984 was published his disc "KRITIKOS KIKLOS No1". In 1986 he wrote the disc "KRITIKOS KIKLOS No2" Limnes ta mathia sou vathies. In 1995 got out a disc with title "M'ENA KRASI KI ENA FILI" and in 1998 the disc MOUSIKES ENOTITES.